People think these ancient sites were built by aliens. Were they?

Stories about aliens have fed our fantasies for long and has found expression in popular art – from novels to movies

Stories about aliens have fed our fantasies for long and has found expression in popular art – from novels to movies. Among people who believe in the narrative are also those who also attribute the existence of strange places on Earth to extra-terrestrial beings.

Some people believe that Sacsayhuaman, a citadel on the northern outskirts of Cusco, Peru, was the creation of an ancient civilisation with help from alien architects. The 1000-year-old interlocking fortress walls are made of rocks that weigh as much as 360 tons each. The rocks were carried for more than 20 miles before being lifted and fit into place with laser-like precision.

Archaeologists have found that the citadel was actually built by the Killke culture. The stones were rough-cut and dragged by rope to the construction site, a feat that required hundreds of men. The stones were shaped into their final form at the building site and then laid in place.

While the famous pyramids of Giza are generally accepted as structures created by the ancient Egyptian civilisation, some skeptics are of the opinion that aliens contributed to the art too.Modern discoveries, however, suggest that the pyramids were built by tens of thousands of skilled workers. The total project is estimated to have required an average workforce of about 14,500 people and a peak workforce of roughly 40,000. A prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England, Stonehenge inspired Swiss author Erich von Daniken to believe it served as a launching pad for aliens. The monument comprises a ring of standing stones, with each standing stone around 13ft high, weighing around 25 tons.

Scientists have demonstrated how it is actually possible to build such a structure using technologies available around 5000 years ago.

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