Differently-Abled Art is Going to Make Theatre Visits All the More Special!

SPI Cinemas in Chennai is working closely with Kai Rassi and Rubecon for the makeover of popcorn tubs.
Popcorn has become such a popular snack in movie theatres, that it is almost impossible to imagine a good movie experience without it. Salty, buttered, or cheesy, popcorn is the perfect binge while you enjoy a movie.
Differently Designed, an initiative born out of a collaboration between Kai Rassi (an NGO) and Rubecon (a creative agency) has vowed to take this experience a step forward.
The initiative aims to showcase the artistry of differently-abled people through unconventional mediums, and empower them by getting them to design custom invitations, stationery, clothing and of course, popcorn packaging!
Straying away from the typical popcorn containers, which have either unimaginative designs or the name and logo of the movie theatres, Differently Designed gives a whacky flavour to the popcorn tub.
One of the designs is of yellow taxis crowding a road in a city, while another design is a painting of mighty snow-capped mountains beneath a serene sky.
Differently-Abled Art

There is also one of a mother in a red saree, holding her baby. This particular design has a traditional Indian feel to it, both due to the way this woman is dressed as well as the design style.
Swami, Anjana, and Narasimhalu are the artists whose designs adorn these tubs. Swami and Anjana have been diagnosed with autism, while Narasimhalu has cerebral palsy.
One side of the tub carries the name of the artists and their preferred medium of expression. Make sure you read them, as a gesture of appreciation for the talented artists.
Indira Reddy, one of the three founders of Kai Rassi told The Better India, “Great designs come with great stories. We hope to tell the stories of our artists through their unique designs. So far we have played around with a wedding invitation and fabric design for friends, but the popcorn tubs are our first product under the Differently Designed label.”
SPI Cinemas in Chennai is working closely with Kai Rassi and Rubecon on this initiative. Preetha Ramaswamy, the spokesperson of SPI Cinemas and Volunteer Creative & PR Consultant, who played an instrumental role in the collaboration, spoke to The Better India about this.
She informed us that the idea was the brainchild of Bhavesh, the Head of Experience at SPI Cinemas, who was inspired by the work of ‘Casa de Carlota,’ a Spanish agency in Barcelona. The agency brought design students, and kids who are differently-abled together, and art made by the children was converted into labels and packaging by the design students.

Preetha said, “We are always looking to do things a little differently, so we are only too happy to be the first clients for Differently Designed.”
The beautiful tubs will be available in premium theatres of Sathyam, Escape and Palazzo in Chennai, Le Reve in Mumbai and The Cinema in Bangalore and Coimbatore.
So the next time you buy popcorn in these theatres, make sure you have a good look at these tubs. Not only are they a container for your movie snack, but are also the canvases of highly talented artists!




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